iPhone 13 to not Feature Touch ID, Despite Apple Testing In-Screen Touch Sensor

Apple is reportedly testing an in-screen version of its Touch ID functionality on the iPhone. However, it’s said that users should not expect to see it available in the upcoming ‘iPhone 13’ this year.

Aside from iPhone SE, Apple has been utilizing Face ID as its primary security and device unlocking method on iPhone for many generations at this point. However, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, that may change. Though, it won’t be this year. In Gurman’s latest PowerOn newsletter, it’s been said that the Cupertino company is testing the feature for a future iPhone but “it won’t make the cut this year.”

Earlier this year, reports began floating around that Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone would indeed feature in-screen Touch ID. In the past, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has even gotten the chance to discuss the possibility of the iPhone 13 featuring Touch ID. However, as time passed, the reports indicating that this was indeed in the works dispersed.

It’s possible that Apple’s testing may have been affected by the pandemic, which delayed its eventual launch within a device.

If and when it does, Gurman states that Apple is approaching it from two possible angles in regards to Face ID and Touch ID. The first method involved implementing in-screen Face ID to the high-end Pro models, while the non-Pro devices continue utilizing the notch. The second approach includes Pro models having in-screen Face ID while the lower-end models gain in-screen Touch ID.