iPhone Production ‘Proceeding Well’ in Zhengzhou Despite Lockdowns

Despite ongoing lockdowns and restrictions, Foxconn’s iPhone production in Shanghai, Zhengzhou is said to be “proceeding well,” according to reports.

According to managers at Foxconn, cited by Henan Daily, (via MacRumors) Foxconn’s assembly of Apple’s iPhone is proceeding as the company is experiencing very limited disruptions. Foxconn’s assembly plant in the city has been touted for its sheer scope of iPhone manufacturing.

“Production at the Foxconn campus is proceeding well with some 200,000 workers,” the newspaper said, citing Foxconn managers within the compound. The Taiwanese company is cooperating with local government and putting measures in place to ensure worker safety. “The supply lines haven’t been affected by Covid.”

Restrictions within Shanghai, Zhengzhou began last week as COVID-19 cases began popping up. Areas of the city were being placed on lockdown with residents unable to leave. The Airport Economy Zone, the area where Foxconn’s largest iPhone plant is located, was placed in quarantine. However, given the conditions within the facility and the staff’s living quarters, production was able to continue.

In March, Foxconn closed production at its Shenzhen site as the city faced a lockdown, lasting a few days. Supply chains remain heavily impacted due to the ongoing pandemic. iPhone and iPad supplies remain consistent. However, Mac products face shipment delays due to supply chain constraints.