MagSafe Battery Pack Able to Charge at 7.5W Speeds Following Firmware Update

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is now able to charge at a faster 7.5W thanks to a recent firmware update. Charging abilities are now raised from the previous 5W.

The latest firmware update for the MagSafe Battery Pack became available earlier this week. As MacRumors reports, the 2.7.b.0 update brought the ability to charge at a faster and higher rate.

Updating the MagSafe Battery Pack can be done by attaching it to an iPhone. However, many recommend updating the device by using an iPad or Mac device. This ensures a faster experience for the user as utilizing an iPhone for an update can take exceedingly longer. Users can attach the MagSafe Battery Pack to a Lightning cable and plus the USB side to an iPad or Mac.

In order to receive 7.5W charging, the 2.7.b.0 update is required. Users can double-check which firmware their device is running by attaching it to an iPhone. By navigating to ‘Settings,’ users can go to ‘General’ and click ‘About.’ ‌Here, they can see the current firmware that’s being used.

Even with the latest update, the MagSafe Battery Pack’s best charging status is when it is plugged in. When using a Lightning cable, the battery can charge at its full 15W. Though, a power source is required for the MagSafe Battery Pack to ever reach that potential. However, the 7.5W charge is very comparable to other Qi chargers.