PowerUp 3.0: Fly Custom Designed Paper Airplanes With your iPhone [Kickstarter]

In case you were wondering what you can do with a paper plane in order to have endless hours of fun, here is a good option for that: the PowerUp 3.0 Smart module. Shai Goiten, a pilot and aviation enthusiast, has launched a Kickstarter project that is about to change your view on paper planes.

Powerup 3 airplane

Using the magic of today’s technology, Shai has created the PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module, which turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine. All you need to do is attach the kit to the plane, connect it to your iPhone and you are ready to have fun.

powerup 3 module

The PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module comes with a crash-proof carbon fibre frame and bumper, precision control for easy flying, and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that provides 10 minutes of flight. Users can recharge the battery by using its Micro USB port.

But how do you control your paper plane? Of course, there is an app for that. Optimized for the iPad mini as well as the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c, the app will display every important detail you would ever want to know. Also, you can manoeuvre the plane by tilting the handset left or right.

PowerUp 3.0’s wireless communication is based on Bluetooth Smart Technology for power efficiency and is able to communicate within a 180-foot range.

The inventors plan to send the first 50 prototypes to Beta customers in January, while mass production will start in March, with backers receiving their packages in May.

In case you are interested in backing this project on Kickstarter, which currently has nearly 8,000 backers and has raised more than $440,000 (much more than its original $50,000 goal), you have the option of backing it with $30 in order to receive the Barebone package, which includes 1 PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module and 1 spare propeller. Another $10 will give you an extra 4 sheets of paper templates and 1 quick-charging battery pack. Depending on your budget, you can obviously pledge even more, in which case the package will contain more extras. You will also have to add on another $20 to ship outside the US.