Rumour: LG Allegedly Signs Exclusive Deal for 1.52-inch iWatch Displays

Iwatch c concept1

Tim Cook promised great things for 2014 (just as he did for 2013), but will the iWatch arrive this year, as rumoured? Bloomberg reported last year that a team of about 100 designers was working on Apple’s iWatch. Since then, lots of confusing reports have surfaced, but if today’s report is right, the screen size is already defined, and the device will enter mass production in July.

According to a report published by the Korean media spotted by G4Games, Apple has inked an exclusive deal with LG to manufacture iWatch displays. There are two interesting tidbits in the report: first, the display size, which will allegedly measure 1.52 inches; and secondly, it will (allegedly) use the flexible display technology used in LG’s G Flex smartphone.

The report also indicates a late 2014 launch, as Apple’s supplier will only start mass producing the display between July and September. The initial production volume will reach 1 million units per month.

It is worth noting, though, that the report has been pulled since then, and secondly, that since this is a rumour, it must be taken with a grain of salt. The last time we heard about the iWatch, Apple was considering two display sizes.