Samsung Continues To Challenge iPhone Logo In “Made for iPhone” Trademark

On May 5, 2010, Apple filed for “Made for iPhone” trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office, which is commonly seen these days on third party iPhone accessories. The trademark also contains a small image of an iPhone graphic along with the verbiage “Made for iPhone”, which was opposed by Samsung and Acer soon after the initial filing. Looks like the Korean company is still legally challenging the logo after two years, according to a report by Patently Apple.

The source points out that according to an updated document found in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Samsung and Acer initially filed their official opposition to the iPhone logo October 2011. However, the Canadian IP Office granted an extension of time to both Samsung and Acer to formally make their case earlier this month, as clearly shown in Part 2 of that document (below).

What’s odd about this case is that the Canadian IP Office’s own document (not shown here) clearly shows that Apple’s logo was “approved by program EX200M1 Vol.58 Issue 2964 2011/08/17” – which was four days prior to the opposition going on record. 

The deadline for the officially complaint evidence to be presented is now set for November 20, 2012.