Samsung to Acquire German OLED Display Startup Cynora for $300 Million

Samsung is reportedly set to acquire Cynora for $300 million. This German startup company is known for its innovative work in OLED displays, providing what may be a boost in OLED technology and flexible design for Samsung.

As reported by Bloomberg, the $300 million deal includes access to all of Cynora’s technology and intellectual property. Cynora is said to have been working on the next generation of foldable, flexible, and transparent OLED displays. As you can imagine, these innovations are exactly up Samsung’s alley as the company itself has looked at developing foldable and flexible display panels for its devices.

The acquisition of Cynora is reported to not include the company’s workforce. As such, the Germany-based company has already laid off the bulk of its staff in the weeks leading up to Samsung’s acquisition.

Cynora’s work also includes the development of TADF-based blue and green emitter systems. Blue OLED pixels are said to consume much more power than red or green. The company believes it has discovered an alternative in its TADF technology. Through the use of thermally activated delayed fluorescence, Cynora believes it can achieve the development of an OLED panel that consumes much less power, increasing the charge of a battery.

Not only will this give Samsung a welcomed upgrade for future Galaxy smartphones, but Samsung may be able to sell OLED panels using this technology to Apple. This in turn will improve the iPhone ecosystem as well as new models of the iPhone will be able to take advantage of this technology.