Significant Details Leaked Ahead Of iPhone 5 Event: ‘Lightning’ Dock Connector, ‘Earpod’ Headphones, ‘Loop’ iPod Accessories & More

With less than 5 hours to go before Apple’s big media event, 9to5Mac has obtained significant details regarding what the Cupertino company might be hiding in its closet for unveiling later today. The leaks range from the new mini dock connector‘s name to a unique new ‘Loop’ accessory in multiple colors for the new iPod touch.

Yesterday, we published new photos of iPhone 5’s mini dock connector showing a mysterious circular engraving. While today’s report does not detail what the engraving is supposed to mean, it does suggest that Apple is going to label this new connector as “Lightning”, similar to the Thunderbolt connector on a Mac.

“The moniker makes sense for two reasons. One: it goes along with the Thunderbolt connector name on the Mac (Thunderbolt and lightning!). Two: perhaps “Lightning” means that the new dock connector will be able to sync via a computer at faster speeds that the current 30-pin connector. With Apple’s new USB3-enabled Macs, we’d hope so anyway. It will sell for around $10/pop”.

Next up is the new pair of Apple’s headphones which was leaked on the web last week. The source believes that these will be called “Earpods” and will retail for $29, the same price as the current headphones in the US. Though it is not confirmed whether these will come standard with all future iPhones and iPods or not.

The most interesting bit of the report is that Apple will reveal a unique new ‘Loop’ accessory in multiple colors for the new iPod touch, which will retail for around $10. The details are scarce but the source claims that some of these colors will be seen on the fronts of the redesigned iPod touch lineup.

Regarding the new iPod Shuffle, the source believes it will remain at its current 2GB capacity but will come in a new lineup of 8 colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver, ‘slate’ and red.

Finally, the report claims that more than one variations of a new dock adapter between Lightning and older 30-pin connector will be announced, one with some sort of clips while other might come with a little cable attached.