Steve Jobs Archive – A Collection of Over 250 Steve Jobs Videos in Biographical Order [Update]

There is tons of video of Steve Jobs on the interent, from documentaries to keynotes speeches. With the early passing of this visionary, this is the only way we can still keep his appearance and charisma in our memories.

A fellow by the name of Art Matsak has started a new website called Steve Jobs Archive, which is collecting all the Steve Jobs video clips it can find, and lists them all in biographically. This makes it easy for us to see Jobs’ early beginnings all the way up to his last appearance at an Apple keynote, and so much more.

Matsak was inspired to do this after reading Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography. While reading the book, he searched the internet for video about the events that took place in the book and Jobs’ life. He found so much great content, that he decided to collect all in one place for others who might also be looking for these videos. Thus, the Steve Jobs Archive was born.

Here is the historical moment when Jobs’ introduced the iPhone, back in 2007:

Update 1: We spoke with the founder of the Steve Jobs Archives, Art, to learn more about his project. Here’s are some answers to the questions we asked him:

Gary: How long did it take you to create the site from start to finish?

I’ve been working on SJA in my spare time from mid-February, so it took me roughly four months. I was initially planning to launch the website in just two weeks, but then I thought that it would be cooler to go beyond just the most obvious videos, and uncovering those hidden gems took time and effort.

Art: I’m a professional Drupal developer, so the technical side of putting up the website was easy.

What was your favourite chapter/video segment?

My favorite video is “Job’s Vision of the World” fromΒ Chapter 42. Its message may be even more powerful than that of the widely known Stanford speech (Chapter 35).

Is there anything else you want visitors to know, aside from your little snippet on the site?

I still have a few videos on my list that I’ll be adding to SJA in the coming days. Some of those show the lesser known, dark side of Steve, so be warned! BTW, you can give stars to your favorite videos on SJA, with the top rated clips appearing on the homepage.

And with Steve Jobs Archive going viral at the moment, I’m really hoping that my hosting company will be able to cope with the increased load πŸ™‚

[via The Next Web]