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Steve V (King Different), a Steve Jobs Digital Opera

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Steve Jobs’ life has already inspired three movies — two already done, and one just getting started. What about other performing arts? Turns out, Jobs’ genius has inspired a composer and theatre director to stage an opera entitled Steve V (King Different).

According to information obtained by the Lyon-based French site Mac Generation, Roland Auzet, a composer and director of Theatre de la Renaissance in Oullins, was inspired by Steve Jobs, whom he sees as being very similar to Henry V — the lead character of the play signed by William Shakespeare telling the story of King Henry V of England and focusing on events before and after the Battle of Agincourt (1415) during the Hundred Years’ War.

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In other words, Roland Auzet has actualized the five-century-old story and figure of Henry V, and based it on Steve Jobs’ biography and merged the Henry V and Steve Jobs figures into one. The meeting of the two figures isn’t as unlikely as you may think at first glance: both men are known for their iron grip, and they were both quality strategists and visionary geniuses.

Here is what Auzet says about the meeting of the two iconic men:

“The opera has its fire-ripped characters who have links with the real world: Steve Jobs and Henry V. The book is based on two biographies, two routes that are parallel and yet separated by five centuries: two worlds, and two ways to confront reality by inventing it. Steve Jobs painted what Shakespeare called “the brightest heaven of invention”; the fate of Silicon Valley against the historical fresco of Henry V and the war economy; trade and technological war against a piece of iron in flesh; business strategy against war strategy.”

Steve V (King Different) will premiere on March 14, 2014 at Lyon Opera, France.

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