Twitter Mentions Data Stamps Apple’s Victory Over Samsung


According to an unscientific tally of mentions on Twitter, published in a report yesterday by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, it seems that between Apple and Samsung, the former is a clear winner in the global smartphone market, Bloomberg is reportingInvesting Analytics, the group that compiled all the Twitter data, revealed that the iPhone 5 was mentioned 2.4 million times during its launch in September, which is 5 times more than when Galaxy S4 was unveiled this month.

Muster believes that iPhone has “more mass appeal” than the Galaxy smartphone, and that Apple will sustain its market share. According to researcher Strategy Analytics, the iPhone 5 was also the best-selling smartphone in the latest quarter.

“While interest in the Galaxy S4 is growing, Apple continues to hold a meaningful lead as the smartphone with the broadest consumer appeal,” said Munster, who has an overweight rating, the equivalent of a buy, for Apple with a $767 price target.

The study also reflects how investors are turning to social media to inform their investment decisions.