Watch Jim Cramer Rip Into Citi’s Poor Apple Stock Analysis [VIDEO]

A couple of days back, Citi’s Apple analysts radically cut the price target for Apple Stock to $575, rating it neutral down from buy. The same team had previously given clients a 20-day one-two punch, issuing a buy at $571 just before the stock fell to $509, before eventually downgrading it to neutral. Looks like CNBC’s Jim Cramer has found the right words to describe Citi’s hot-cold analysis of AAPL (via CNN Money).

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Jim Cramer, the king of hot-and-cold Apple TV commentators, literally ripped into Citi’s back-to-back reports last night. 

“I found the No Huddle Offense clip, and embedded it below. Despite a few slips of the tongue, Cramer did a good job. I have nothing to add, except that Citi may regret the day it let Richard Gardner go”.