Acanac, Teksavvy to Match Donations If $15K Raised in 48 Hours

We covered the UBB (usage based billing) debate until the Federal government overturned the CRTC’s decision. We also heard TekSaavy bust some UBB myths. has been the fighting force that has united Canadians, and a new campaign is underway to have our voices heard against the PR machines of big Canadian telcos.

Acanac and Teksavvy to Match Donations If $15K Raised in 48 Hours

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Dear friends,

Phone and cable companies have unleashed a deep-pocketed public relations campaign designed to confuse the public about new Internet usage fees. Case in point: on Friday, Macleans Magazine published an editorial that read like a Rogers talking-points primer (Rogers owns Macleans).

Big Telecom foot soldiers have been in the media saying that YOU are just being emotional, and that you don’t understand what you signed when you signed the Stop The meter petition. This is elitist, condescending, and outright insulting.

At the same time broadcasters and cable companies are meeting in Ottawa to hash out a plan to deal with online services that are “competing for customers”.

We can’t let them turn back the clock. We need a well-coordinated response to prevent these corporations from interfering in the upcoming CRTC hearing, which is critical for the elimination of the new Internet fees.

Thankfully indie ISPs Acanac and Teksavvy have agreed to provide some matching funds if we raise $15,000 in the next 48 hours. Please help us get there: Donate now at

Here’s our plan:
1. Unleash the creativity and ingenuity of Canadians. People from all walks of life — innovators, educators, students, entrepreneurs, and everything in between — are getting together on February 26th for a Day Of Action to educate our fellow Canadians about Internet metering.

2. Put together a united front of public interest groups, creators, indie ISPs, online service providers and half a million Canadians to put forth a well-researched, evidence-based submission to the CRTC. We’ve done this before and won.

We’re confident this 1-2 punch can work, but it does require resources.

Please invest the Stop The Meter campaign while we have this special matching funds offer.

The pro-Internet community has seen a lot of success over the past month, and it’s all thanks to your participation. You’ve engaged friends and family online, and helped to make the call for a more affordable Internet into a national movement.

This is about the future of our economy, innovation, democratic participation, and our society writ large.

Please give what you can today HERE.


The Team — Steve, Lindsey, Reilly, Shea, and all of our volunteers

The message is clear: donate, and Acanac and Teksavvy will match donations. Thanks to these indie ISPs! has already put an ad in the Globe and Mail, as seen above.

Witty Rick Mercer nails the life of Canadians in his hilarious video, “Our Gouge-Based Heritage”: