American’s First Visit to Canada Results in Frustrating Wireless Experience [VIDEO]

Keaton Keller, founder of YouTube channel TechSmartt, visited Canada for the first time recently and got to experience our wireless networks firsthand.

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Upon landing, Keller says he “got his ass kicked by Canada” as his AT&T roaming charges wanted $1/minute for phone calls while roaming on the Rogers network. Pre-paid options on Rogers, according to Keller, would have cost him $90 for 1GB, most likely referring to the Talk, Text and Internet 65 plan plus the cost of a SIM card (with $0.05/MB data overages).

Eventually, Keller opted for WIND Mobile to use in Toronto, which according to him was a less than stellar experience:

Welcome to Canada, Keaton.

For Americans that visit Canada frequently and use their smartphones here—what’s your advice for Keller for his next visit? He probably should have jumped on T-Mobile’s unlimited data roaming option, which includes Canada (EDGE, but you can pay extra for 3G/LTE).