Bell and Rogers Offering Promo Plans via Targeted Ads on Facebook

If you’re a Facebook user, you might have come across some targeted ads from Bell and Rogers lately, offering some promotional plans.

Bell Canada has been pushing ‘Bell Preferred Pricing’ on Facebook for some users, noting a $50 plan with 10GB is available for bring your own device customers. This preferred pricing also offers “up to 30% off” plans, and also discounts on new phones.

Currently, Bell’s website does not offer a plan at $50 with 10GB of data. The closest you’ll find is an ‘unlimited’ plan at $80 for 15GB of data.

Bell $50 10gb

As for Rogers, the company is pushing an “exclusive offer” for bring your own device customers, offering a $65 per month plan with 15GB of data. Rogers says this is a $15/month discount compared to the regular price of $80/month. This offer is only available for new activations, says the company.

Those looking to sign up need to use the promo code ‘infinite65’.

Rogers facebook $65 15gb

Facebook’s ad targeting can be very specific, down to region, age category, and more. It’s easy to see how Facebook ads can be a viable way for wireless carriers to try to get some new activations, peppering a specific segment of users with promotional plans.