Bell and Telus Boast Best Wireless Network Performance in Ontario: JD Power

We’ve often heard incumbents praising the quality of their wireless services, but do their customers feel the same? This is exactly what the JD Power 2015 Canadian Wireless Network Quality Study analyses. The study was released today and is based on responses from more than 13,000 wireless customers. Read on to find out who ranks highest in the three geographic regions analysed by JD Power: West, Ontario, and East.

The study takes into consideration 10 problem areas that impact the customer experience: dropped calls, calls not connected, audio issues, late or failed voicemails, lost calls, text message transmission failures, late or failed text message notifications, Web connection errors, slow downloads, and email connection errors.

“Whether updating social media, browsing the Internet, checking email or using the Starbucks app to buy coffee, wireless customers hold their carrier accountable to deliver a stable connection at a speed that will enable them to accomplish their desired task,” said Adrian Chung, account director at J.D. Power. “With the high penetration of smartphones, the focal point for measuring wireless network quality is data. A single PP100 network quality difference represents an impact to a customer’s connectivity, the ability to engage in daily activities and ultimately the level of satisfaction with their carrier.”

SaskTel has already topped earlier customer satisfactions surveys and it seems it doesn’t have plans to let its customers down. In the West region, this carrier ranks highest in overall network performance: it scored extremely well in call quality, messaging quality, and data quality.

Ontario has two great players: Bell and Telus. Rogers ranked third, and it seems there is much work to do for Wind Mobile, as it ranked the lowest in customer satisfaction.

In the East region the crown goes to Videotron, which had the highest scores in overall network quality and performs particularly well in call quality, messaging quality, and data quality.

2015 CA Wireles NQ - West Region 1