Bell to Expand All-Fibre Internet to 18 Rural Communities in Quebec

Bell has announced this afternoon it will be bringing high-speed Internet to 18 rural communities in Quebec, part of a joint partnership with the Québec government’s Régions branchées program.

According to Bell and the province, nearly 7,000 homes and businesses will gain all-fibre Internet access.

“Bell is proud to be the leader in delivering high-speed Internet to rural communities in Québec with our expanding fibre and Wireless Home Internet networks,” said Karine Moses, Bell’s Vice Chair Québec, in a statement.

Bell’s Wireless Home Internet (WHI) service rollout was recently fast-tracked due to COVID-19 to expand to over 137,000 homes, offering download speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

“Programs like Régions branchées are critical to extending the reach of broadband networks into the most difficult to serve areas and we applaud the government of Québec on moving forward with this funding. We are pleased to work with the government to advance our shared objective to strengthen Québec’s economic and social growth with expanded access to high-speed broadband connections that are proving so critical in response to COVID-19,” added Moses.

The company says WHI is currently offered to “several hundred thousand households” in Quebec and Ontario, with a plan to cover nearly 1 million homes in Québec, Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Manitoba in the near future.