Bell Launches Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Pre-Orders


Bell is the first wireless carrier in Canada to support LTE Apple Watch Series 3 models, and also debut watch sales directly to customers, as pre-orders are available on the company’s website.

Both aluminum and stainless steel Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models are available in both 38mm and 42mm, and all three colours and various bands.

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Bell will charge customers $5 per month for a smartwatch data plan for their Apple Watch Series 3, with the first three months free as part of a promo. Also, The Source locations will soon also sell Apple Watch Series 3.

Telus will support Apple Watch Series 3 later this year as well, which is to no surprise as the company shares a network with Bell.

Rogers is not part of the Apple Watch Series 3 cellular launch, leaving some customers to consider switching carriers to gain access to LTE on their new watches.