Bell’s Crave Offering Some Former Customers $25 Subscription Credit

If you subscribed to Bell Media’s Crave at some point this year, you may want to check your email (and Junk folder) for a credit being offered to some old customers.

Crave subscription credit

A recent email to former subscribers says, “Get $25 towards a Crave subscription before it expires!” The email then details “check out what’s been added to Crave since you left,” and suggests newer titles such as HBO’s Euphoria and Big Little Lies.

The email contains a one-time use promo code users can redeem online, worth at least two months of basic Crave ($9.99 per month). Targeted users include those who had subscribed to Crave during this year’s final season of Game of Thrones.

The promotion says the redemption code needs to be used by August 31, 2019.

[via RFD]