Bell iPhone Unlocking Coming Soon, Possibly in a ‘Couple of Weeks’ [Update]

bell iphone unlock

According to Apple’s wireless support and features page, only TELUS, Rogers and Fido offer carrier supported unlocking for the iPhone. Rogers and Fido introduced iPhone unlocking back in December of 2010 at a charge of $50. TELUS introduced iPhone unlocking this June for $50, but it has since been reduced to $35.

Now, it looks like Bell is finally unlocking iPhones as their policy was recently updated. iPhone in Canada reader ishwari notes Bell offered to unlock his iPhone for $70. The process involved providing his IMEI number and then restoring his iPhone in iTunes, similar to other unlocks (we’re going to verify soon it worked for him).

To clarify the situation ourselves, we called Bell support (a few times) and were told by one rep it would cost $70 for the unlock, which is ‘not operational yet’ but would be ‘coming in the next couple of weeks’. Anything can change, but it was pretty convincing from our conversation with them.

From the sounds of it, after speaking to Bell, iPhone unlocking will be coming soon. I know many of you have been patiently waiting. Stay tuned.

…more to come

Update: A reliable source familiar to the matter speaking on the condition of anonymity tells us this is “coming soon, very soon”. No other timetable was provided but all we can do now is wait for the announcement.

Update 2: Reader ishwari tells us a Bell rep called him and said the iPhone unlocking policy will start on Monday. We’ll find out soon enough.