Bell Launches 6GB $30 Data Plan, Expires September 30th

As predicted, Bell has gone ahead and launched a 6GB/$30 data plan to match their competitors, Rogers and Telus. We received a couple email tips this morning of internal notices about this announcement and it was further confirmed by our friends at MobileSyrup. Here are the details:

– 6GB of data for $30; effective today
– Overages: Canada – $0.05 per MB; USA: $6 per MB (pay per use)
– Who’s eligible: new and existing pre-paid clients

Considering these ‘promotional plans’ don’t come very often, I’d jump on them if you’re a heavy data user and missed them the first time around. It’s worth it if you are a fan of the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature (and you have a WiFi iPad).

Regardless of the ‘Big 3’ releasing 6GB data plans simultaneously, Canadians should be pretty happy about our options. Who’s jumping on this?

More to come…