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Bell Lowers Mobile Roaming Voice and Data Rates for South Korea

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Bell has announced today voice and data roaming rates have been reduced for customers travelling to South Korea.

Here’s what you’ll get for data roaming packages:

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  • $30 for 50MB of data (previously $40 for 20MB)
  • $100 Travel Data Pass now has 200MB of data (previously 50MB)
Here’s what you’ll get for voice roaming packages:
  • $30 gets you 60 minutes (previously $40 for 50 mins)
  • $45 voice and text bundle: 60 minutes, unlimited incoming texts, 200 sent texts (previously $60 for 50 minutes and 200 sent messages)
  • Pay per use calling: now $2 per minute back to Canada (previously $3)

Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility had this to say in a statement:

“As smartphones have become an essential travel companion, Bell has worked with our international suppliers to lower roaming costs for Canadian consumers travelling worldwide,”
“We’re proud to add South Korea to the fast-growing list of countries where Bell has significantly reduced the cost of both data and voice roaming.”
These rates are still expensive compared to plugging a local SIM card into your unlocked iPhone.
Bell says purchases can be made before and during travel with the Bell Mobility self-serve app.


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