Bell Ordered To Drop “Most Reliable Network” Slogan

First Telus sues Rogers about Rogers advertising that they have the “most reliable network”. Telus wins and Rogers drops the slogan.

Summary: Rogers and Telus neither use the “most reliable network” slogan.

Then, Rogers sues Bell about Bell advertising that they have the “largest, fastest, and most reliable network”. Well, in the latest law suit news, Bell has now been ordered to remove the “most reliable network” slogan.

Summary: Canada no longer has a “most reliable wireless network”, as none of the Canadian wireless carriers may use “most reliable network” in their advertisements since they all sued each other out of it.

Rogers argued before a B.C. court that data suggesting Bell’s network is the most reliable is misleading because it was compiled before the commercial launch of its upgraded network, said John Boynton, chief marketing officer of Rogers Wireless.

I wish our wireless carriers battled like the carriers in the USA do, with outrageous and hilarious advertisements that directly attack each other. Instead, Canadian wireless carriers resort to law suits. Boring!

It will be interesting to see who sues who next. Any bets?

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