Bell Uses Pepperoni Pizza to Explain Wireless Network Coverage [VIDEO]

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The latest ad uploaded to Bell’s YouTube channel explains how their robust wireless network can be compared to pepperoni pizza, when it comes to coverage.

Essentially, Bell says “Your mobile network should have the most cell towers, just like your pizza should be covered in pepperoni. The right network makes all the difference.”

Check out the ad below:

The ad looks like it could be targeting those considering switching to smaller networks such as WIND Mobile, which has spotty coverage outside of its main areas. However, with Shaw’s recent acquisition of the company, an LTE network is underway and coming soon.

Last year, PCMag rated Bell’s wireless network as the fastest in Canada, although the differences compared to rivals TELUS and Rogers were not exactly huge when it came to average download and upload speeds.

What do you think of Bell’s wireless coverage compared to TELUS and Rogers in your area?