Bell to Drop iPhone 4 to $99 on Three Year Contract Tomorrow

Yesterday we wrote about the iPhone 4 dropping in price to $99 on a three year contract, as noted in a Future Shop flyer. Today, Telus has made it official on their website, noting this promotion only goes until September 7th, and a $50 plan is required:

Bell To Match iPhone 4 $99 on Three Year Plan Pricing Tomorrow

As we noted about the other ‘Big 3’ carriers following suit, it appears Bell will be doing the same as of tomorrow. According to an email tip we’ve received, Bell will be lowering the price of the 16GB iPhone 4 to $99 on a three year contract. The email notes to its recipients of the impending price change, essentially a heads up.

The last time the carriers acted in harmony over plan change was over the coveted 6GB/$30 data plan. When Videotron offered a 6GB/$30 data plan exclusively in Quebec, the ‘Big 3’ followed suit. Eventually, the 6GB/$30 data plan was made available to the entire country. Normally, that plan is labeled a ‘promotional offer’ during the times of new iPhone releases.

So, with Telus and Bell at $99 for the iPhone 4 on three years, we’re waiting for you, Rogers/Fido.

Thanks for the email, anonymous!