Bell Launches Travel Data Passes, Lowers International Data Roaming Costs

Bell has announced today it has launched new Travel Data Passes and also lowered data roaming costs for some international destinations. The announcement arrives on the day the CRTC Wireless Code of Conduct has kicked into effect.

The company’s new Travel Data Passes can be purchased before or during travels using the Bell mobile app. If you don’t subscribe to a pass, you’ll be notified via text message on your trip on how to buy one.

Features of theses Travel Data Passes:

  • Real-time data usage updates
  • Notifications at 80% and 100% data consumption intervals
  • If you didn’t purchase a pass and continue to roam, you’ll be notified when you use $25 worth of data; service will be suspended once you reach $100

Here are the reduced roaming rates for Europe, Mexico, China, Australia and more:

Bell has reduced data roaming charges for countries in Zone 1, which includes the UK, France, Italy, Germany and most other European countries; Mexico; China; Turkey; Australia and New Zealand; and other worldwide destinations.

For $30, a Zone 1 Travel Data Pass includes 50 Megabytes of Internet and other data access – compared to the previous price of $75 for 100 MB – and a reduction in the per-MB overage rate to 60 cents from 75 cents.

These changes meet the requirements of the CRTC Wireless Code of Conduct, which in part aims to reduce the stories of ‘bill shock’ for those who travel overseas and use data without knowing they are roaming (like this dad’s son who racked up a $22,000 bill watching YouTube).