Lucky Mobile Debuts ‘Unlimited’ 3G Data Plans, Throttled at 128 Kbps Afterwards

Lucky mobile unlimited data

Bell prepaid brand Lucky Mobile debuted a new $15 data-only plan with 750MB of 3G data after automatic top-up yesterday, while also adding ‘unlimited’ additional data.

Under ‘more details’, the Lucky Mobile website explains ‘unlimited’ extra data, with throttled speeds at 128 Kbps after original data is exceeded.

“Unlimited additional data at reduced speeds of up to 128 Kbps for email, light browsing and messaging once you have exceeded your allotted 3G data,” explains Lucky Mobile.

The addition of unlimited data is not available for all plans from Lucky Mobile, but the move takes a page out of the Big 3 and their current no overage plans, starting at $75/10GB. Bell was charging a $10 premium on ‘unlimited’ plans but eventually reversed the higher pricing.

While 128 Kbps is ridiculously slow, the takeaway here is one can get extra data without overages on a prepaid plan. We haven’t seen this before in Canada. Let’s see how Rogers’ chatr and Telus’ Public Mobile will respond.

[via RFD]