Ontario Picks Bell Mobility for $765 Million Public Safety Radio Network Build

Ontario’s Public Safety Radio Network (PSRN), according to the province, is “one of the largest and most complex public safety radio networks in North America.” The PSRN was last replaced 21 years ago and will soon be updated by Bell Mobility.

According to the province, the current PSRN is outdated and does not meet public safety radio standards for North America set in 2001. Bell Mobility was picked by the government to rebuild core components of the network in a new $765 million dollar agreement.

Bell will “reconstruct core infrastructure, replace outdated equipment and maintain the new radio network will help keep communities safe,” explains a press release.

“In a crisis, every second counts. Replacing our aging emergency radio network is not only vital to public safety, it’s long overdue,” said Premier Doug Ford in a statement. “Working with our chosen vendors, we’re confident this investment will give our first responders on the frontlines access to a reliable, cutting-edge network, so they can do their jobs and keep our families and communities safe.”

Bell Mobility will build the Land Mobile Radio Network, which will allow for public safety radio coverage across Ontario for over 38,000 first responders, including paramedics, OPP officers, hospital staff, highway maintenance staff, correctional officers and more. The company will also setup first responders and dispatchers with new equipment and consoles, plus maintain network and radio hardware services for 15 years.

Motorola Solutions Canada will be a partner to implement the company’s Astro 25 interoperable radio network. Moving over to the new radio network will begin in 2021, with a fully operational target date set for June 2023.

“Bell looks forward to providing the Government of Ontario with the next generation of public safety communications technology,” said Gary Semplonius, Bell Senior Vice President, in a statement.