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Virgin Mobile Gives 10GB Free Data to Select Customers

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Bell-owned Virgin Mobile appears to be handing out some free data bonuses to select customers, in the form of 10GB of free data.

An iPhone in Canada reader let us know of the following text message received from Virgin Mobile:

Member, we think you’re awesome and we want to show you some love. So we’ve added 10 GB/mo. of bonus data to your current plan for no charge starting Aug 11. This will remain on your account until a change is made to your plan. Head to to view your data usage. Any existing overage charges still apply. ( )

Virgin mobile 10gb

The free 10GB data “will remain on your account until a change is made to your plan,” which essentially means the freebie will go away if you switch plans. The data is applied automatically.

The targeted user in Alberta was on a $65/12GB plan, but now that plan is at $65 for 22GB data. Within their online account, it shows “LoyaltyBonusData-10GB4GLTE” added at $0.00/month.

Did you get this text message from Virgin Mobile offering free data?

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