Virgin Mobile Launches Diamond Plus Plans, Starting at $115/Month with 2GB

Bell flanker brand, Virgin Mobile, has launched a new Diamond Plus plan tier, offering upfront subsidies of up to $1000 off a new smartphone.

Virgin mobile diamond plus

According to Virgin Mobile, plans for Diamond Plus are $10 more per month compared to Diamond plans, so here’s what they work out to, for plans with 500 Canada-wide minutes (unlimited is $5 extra per month). Also, there’s a data bonus going on right now as well:

  • $115: 2GB + 2GB Bonus
  • $125: 3GB + 3GB Bonus
  • $135: 4GB + 4GB Bonus
  • $150: 7GB + 4GB Bonus
  • $160: 9GB + 4GB Bonus

The new Diamond Plus tier is made available for higher-priced phones such as Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The higher monthly plans lowers the upfront cost of smartphones, but come at the cost of a higher monthly plan.

When Bell launched iPhone XS pre-orders, the company also launched Premium Smartphone Ultra plans, which also start at $115 per month, following moves from Rogers and Telus for new higher tier plans.

Currently, new Diamond Plus tier plans are only available in-store or over the phone.

[via MobileSyrup]