Virgin Mobile Exclusively Launches the ‘Mobile SmartStraw’ to its Members

Canadian wireless carriers have really stepped up their game today, as earlier we told you about the new upcoming Rogers Toque, set to put Google Glass to shame. Now, Virgin Mobile has announced it is proudly launching the new Mobile SmartStraw exclusively to its members.

What is the Mobile SmartStraw? It allows you to taste those delicious food pics your friends annoyingly post to Facebook and other social networks, sometimes with drug addict consistency.

“Most of us have our few guilty pleasures, but health concerns can stop us from enjoying the foods we love – or sometimes we’re just too lazy to head to the store,” said Andrew Bridge, managing director, Virgin Mobile Canada. “With the Mobile SmartStraw, Canadians can satisfy their cravings without actually eating anything. I tasted pad thai coming up the elevator and wasabi ice cream while on a conference call. The Mobile SmartStraw works so well I’m planning a digital fondue party next week!”

Below is how the Mobile SmartStraw works:


Poutine on the go? Boom!

PS – check today’s date if you’re scared, lost and confused