Canadians Sent 96.5 Billion Text Messages in 2012

The CWTA has updated their stats on text messages and the numbers reveal in Q4 2012, Canadians sent 25 billion person-to-person text messages, bringing the total number of texts sent in 2012 to 96.5 billion, a 23 per cent increase compared to 2011 (78 billion).

As for MMS, 637 million were sent in 2012, compared to just 327 million in 2011, which is a huge jump. Here are some other stats:

  • As of December 2012, Canadians are sending an average of 2.2 million MMS messages per day.
  • In Q4 2012, MMS messages sent totaled 198 million.
  • Canadians sent and received a total of 599 million text messages using Common Short Codes in Q4 2012.
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There’s no question third party messaging apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook messaging have affected standalone text messaging numbers. How often do you still send text messages?