Canadians Spend $67/month on Average on Wireless Services [CRTC Study]

The CRTC’s annual Communications Monitoring Report was published today, providing a quick look on the current state of the Canadian communication system. Among the questions CRTC sought answers for was: How much do Canadians spend monthly on communication?

Turns out the communication system is progressing at an accelerated rate: more Canadians are using their computer, smartphone or tablet compared to those accessing information though traditional channels such as television and radio.

“This year’s edition of the report contains a wealth of information and is intended to assist those that participate in our public proceedings,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC. “It is interesting to note that Canadians’ habits are evolving. More Canadians than ever are watching and listening to content on their computers, smartphones and tablets, yet the vast majority of programming is still accessed through traditional television and radio services.”

Wireless coverage is now 99% in the country: this means almost every household has subscribed to either wireless or home telephone services, up 1.8% compared to a year ago when the CRTC recorded a total of 27.9 million Canadian wireless subscribers. There is a ‘slight’ $6/month increase in spending for wireless services compared to a year ago: Canadians now pay $67 per month, while this amount was $61 in 2012.

Turns out smaller wireless startups have grown their market share since last year by a tiny 1%: they now account for a total of 5%, while the Big Three account for 92% of all revenues.

“While Canadians generally are well-served by their communication system, the Commission must remain vigilant and responsive to emerging trends and issues,” Mr. Blais added. “Canadians in rural parts of our country, and especially in the North, do not enjoy the same telecommunications services as those living in urban centres. We are working to provide those Canadians with an even greater choice.”

Another interesting highlight of the report is that three out of four Canadian households are subscribed to broadband Internet services, with 27.7% retaining 16 Mbps or higher. And in case you were wondering how much time they spend connected to the Internet, the figures are 20.1 hours per week for Anglophones, and 13 hours per week for Francophones.

Furthermore, the report also sheds light on the rapid adoption of LTE networks: the number of Canadians that could access these ultimate networks has jumped from 45% (2012) to 72% this year.

Check out the infographic below: