CarryTel Internet Outgage Persists Since Sunday With No ETA on Fix [Update]

Carry Telecom in Ontario suffered an internet outage on Sunday afternoon and the problem has persisted to Monday morning, with no ETA on a fix, says the company.

“Hello Carrytel customers, we are currently experiencing an outage of our R-Cable in Ontario. One of our fibers to Data Center was cut. Our technicians are on the site to work on that. Unfortunately, there is no ETA at this moment. Sorry again,” explained the company on Sunday, November 1 at 4:25PM EST.

The company said the problem was related to a cut cable. “The fiber lint connecting to our Data center was cut which causes the outage. Carrytel doesn’t own that fiber. Sorry about the inconvenience.”

“Fiber technicians are onsite and have completed an initial optical time-domain reflectometer which indicated a potential fault at 15km away from Front St HeadEnd. They are working on collaborating to further isolate the fault and create a restoration plan. Next update: 8:30PM,” said CarryTel on Sunday.

After a couple other updates sharing no news on a fix, at 11:35PM EST, CarryTel said, “The issue has been escalated. We all still wait for any good news or ETA from site technicians. Restoration efforts will continue. Carrytel will check with the site technicians around 00:30AM again to get the update. We thank you for your patience.”

Fast forward to Monday morning at 9:40AM EST, CarryTel said in an update, “We are so sorry to tell you that there is still nothing new received at this moment. Site technicians are still focusing on the restoration work. Carrytel sincerely apologize the inconvenience. Next update will be provided at 10:15AM.”

Back in April, a similar outage affected CarryTel internet customers on the Rogers network. This current out age affects its “R-Cable” customers in Ontario, or Rogers cable customers.

As of writing, it appears the CarryTel internet outage is still ongoing and no fix is in sight. With internet down during COVID-19 and people working and remote learning from home, this is probably the worst time to go offline.

Are you dealing with this internet outage from CarryTel? As expected, customers are not happy and sounding off on Twitter about the downtime.

Update: Looks like the CarryTel internet outage is over, as “most customers” were back online as of 12:03PM EST.

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