CRTC Wants Your Comments on the Future of 911 Services

The CRTC wants public consultation on the future of 9-1-1 services now that a commissioned report titled A Report on Matters Related to Emergency 9-1-1 Services is available to be viewed online. The report focuses on three broad areas:

  • the performance and adequacy of the technology currently employed for 911 services, such as that used to locate a caller who is using a cellphone;
  • the issues related to the provision of 911 services on next-generation networks, including how systems should be designed; and
  • policy considerations on 911 matters.

Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC, said in a statement “911 services are vital to the health and safety of Canadians,” and continued to add “As we prepare to look at the future of 911 services, we want to hear from Canadians about what role the CRTC should play in ensuring that these services make the best use of new technologies.”

The CRTC first asked Canadians for their view on this matter last December but now that the report is available online, the public is being asked to further comment, which you can do here.

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  • James

    How about that 911 calling should still be available when a carrier’s entire network goes down?

  • dr evil

    It does work that way. Rogers outage yesterday was not with the cellular network, but with the backbone supporting it.

    I agree with you though.

    What rogers should have done during the outage yesterday was disconnect oe disable all their towers throughout the affected areas while they worked on a fix. At least then any emergency calls would have been routed through one of the other providers automatically.

  • Chrome262

    I thought 911 routing was kept separate, like in the old days with land lines?

  • Chrome262

    How about not charging us a fee for it, Requiring companies to support the service as policy. They should be forced to offer public service like that, as part of having to do business in an industry that is become more and more an essential service.

  • Chrome262

    Submitted my comment on such lol, take that big three. Wasn’t there a story on here where they charge us 60 cents more than needed, and with a huge customer base are making millions off the fee?

  • dr evil

    You’d think so according to plans, but thats not how things went down yesterday.
    So if 911 really does depend on the entire network functioning then they should disable it entirely whenevet there are problems like what happened yesterday.
    I know that for 911 services your phone will work independant of the carrier (with or without sim too), but yesterday the phones thought they were connected, because they were… :/