Eastlink Launches Nationwide Plans, Axes Roaming Fees, Debuts EasyTab Plus

Eastlink logo

Eastlink Wireless, which has Atlantic Canada’s largest 4G LTE network, has launched new offerings today, with the announcement of the elimination of roaming fees, new nationwide plans and a new easyTab plus model.

“Our culture is to listen and respond to our customers,” says Lee Bragg, CEO of Eastlink. “They’ve told us that they want fewer plan restrictions, more choice and flexibility, and more transparency. I’m happy to say that we are listening and as a result we have further improved our offerings.”

Eastlink says it has listened to customers and as a result has:

  • eliminated roaming fees within Canada
  • introduced easyTab plus, which reduces the time to eliminate the Tab to just two years.
  • introduced a unique approach that allows customers to pick any plan and pair it with any device. This means users can pick a premium smartphone and also use it with their lowest-priced plans.
The elimination of roaming fees essentially looks to be a play right into Ottawa’s plans to take action against high wireless costs for consumers.

New Nationwide Plans

  • Worry-free usage with no roaming fees from coast to coast throughout Canada
  • All-inclusive value with Unlimited Messaging, Call Display, Voicemail and Canada Long Distance included with every plan
  • Savings of up to 20% in an Eastlink Bundle

NEW easyTab plus

  • Consumers have complete flexibility to choose any phone and match it with any plan
  • Consumers can switch plans whenever they want, with no penalties or cancellation fees
  • After only 24 months, the monthly phone payments end and customers only pay for the monthly service plan

Matthew MacLellan, Eastlink Wireless President says “We don’t want to be like every other carrier…Our goal is to be better – much better.”

Eastlink’s 1700 MHz AWS network will support late models of the iPhone 5 plus iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Let us know if you’re going to switch to these new plans.