Eastlink Launches ‘Winston’ Security and Automation Service with Smartphone Controls

Eastlink has launched a new serviced today called Winston, which brings control of your connected home via your smartphone, to allow you to monitor door locks, lights, thermostats, garage doors and more.

Meet winston one system

Winston is available as either a Security service starting at $9.95 monthly (bundle price) or a Security & Automation service ranging from $19.95-$24.95 monthly (bundle price). Depending on which service you choose, you will be required to purchase additional hardware, such as smart smoke detectors, thermostats, light switches, garage door openers, locks and more.

“We’ve learned a lot since we launched home security and automation a couple of years ago,” says Eastlink CEO Lee Bragg. “Customers have been clear about what they want – and they want simple and accessible.”

Additional add-ons via Value Packs provide additional smart home monitoring but it will cost you:

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The service also offers geofencing options, so when you’re within a particular range of your home, preset settings can do things such as turn on your lights and warm up the house by the time you get home.