Fido and Virgin Promo: $49/6GB, $56/8GB Plans for Quebec Only

Earlier this month, Koodo launched BYOD promo plans in Quebec to rival regional carrier Videotron, introducing $49/6GB and $56/8GB plans. Now, it looks like Fido and Virgin have jumped into the game (about time!) to match Koodo and offer the exact same thing.

Both plans by Fido offer unlimited Canada-wide minutes, global SMS/MMS, Fido Roam and Spotify, plus the usual extras like caller ID, etc. Data overages are billed at $10/500MB.

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Screenshot 2017 03 17 08 47 30

Again, if you’re a BYOD customer on Fido, call in or talk to chat to make the change to one of these plans. If you’re about to join Fido, don’t forget to find a referral as you’ll get a $25 bill credit.

Virgin has matched these BYOD plans too, with their own “limited time offers” seen below. Again, it’s time to call in and switch to these plans if they’re better than your current plan right now.

Screenshot 2017 03 17 08 51 34

Videotron in Quebec is offering double data on plans starting at $48.95 with 6GB data, so of course Fido (Rogers), Koodo (Telus) and Virgin (Bell) wouldn’t let them steal away customers.

Let us know if you end up switching to one of these plans!