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Fido and Virgin Price Drop BYOD Plans with 2GB, 3GB Data, Match Koodo

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Fido has launched new promos for its 2GB and 3GB Smart plans that include unlimited Canada-wide minutes, unlimited SMS/MMS, call display and circle calling, plus Spotify and Daily Vice subscriptions for two years.

The prices for these BYOD plans now match Koodo’s discount that debuted yesterday, so that means $55/month for the 2GB and $65/month for the 3GB plan, with overages charged at $5/250MB.

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Not to be outdone, Virgin Mobile has also dropped their same BYOD plans to join the party:

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If you were on these plans before the price drop, it’s time to call in and save a few bucks per month. Fido’s plans do not include voicemail, but Virgin and Koodo’s plans do, so that’s something to consider.

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