Fido Adds 50 Minutes To Select Plans & 5PM Evenings, Updates Data Add-ons

This week, Fido has updated some of their monthly postpaid plans and have also updated their data add-ons.

Voice Plan Changes 

In response to Koodo’s new Canada-wide price plans, Fido has added 50 more minutes and 5PM evenings to following price plans:

  • $25 Voice Plan: 50 more minutes (150 total); 5PM evenings
  • $30 Incoming Voice Plan: 50 more minutes (200 total); 5PM evenings
  • $35/$50/$70 Voice Plan: 5PM evenings

These new plans are available on a monthly/1/2/3-year contract and are available to both new and existing customers. Call in to Fido to make the changes.

The offer is available until November 1 2011.

Data Add-on Changes

It seems that Fido has removed all of their existing data add-ons and have only kept the standard $25 500MB data plan. To get more data, you add $5.00/500MB more:

  • $25: 500MB
  • $30: 1GB
  • $35: 1.5GB
  • $40: 2GB
  • $45: 2.5GB
  • $50: 3GB