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Fido Employee Blackouts Start October 4th Due to a ‘Major Phone Launch’

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It appears Fido employee blackout dates are set to start on October 4th and last until ‘November 31st’, due to a ‘major phone launch’, according to a memo sent into MobileSyrup.

The memo reads as follows:

Attention All Fido Staff

Due to a major phone launch in starting weeks of Q4, Fido employees are in blackout from October 3, 2011 to November 31, 2011 to help with the increase in traffic and sales. Schedules for these weeks will be redone by your store managers.

This launch is expected to be the largest in history and the blackout date could be extended. Any existing time off will be cancelled.

The memo above appears to have a typo as there are only 30 days in November.

Previous indications of an impending iPhone launch include Rogers sending out text messages to promote their new Rogers Reservation System, to allow customers to be notified ‘when the next iPhone’ can be reserved. Also, an updated Rogers iPhone pre-launch training document was also posted that clearly mentioned ‘new iPhone, iOS 5, and iCloud’. An existing Telus promotion for the $99 iPhone 4 conveniently ‘ends’ on October 3rd, the day before Apple’s rumoured iPhone media event, reported to take place on their Cupertino campus.

You can draw your own conclusions as what this major launch could be, but it’s pretty obvious it relates to the next iPhone(s), don’t you think? Let us know if you work for Fido, and have heard anything about this memo. Oh, and by the way I’ll let you take November 31st off if you can help us all out. 😉

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