Fido Launches “Extreme Text Messaging”

In May 2010, Rogers launched a new text messaging service called “Extreme Text Messaging”. The service simply gave Rogers customers more options to control and manage text messages and eventually Extreme Text Messaging became the standard text messaging package for Rogers.

This month, Fido has launched Extreme Text Messaging, forever bringing Rogers and Fido customers closer together!

Fido Extreme Text Messaging

Extreme Text Messaging delivers numerous text messaging enhancements to Fido customers. Features such as blockers, signatures, and distribution lists are just some of the available new text messaging options.

With the launch, Fido has stated that the new features are available to customers free of charge whether customers have pay-per-use text messaging or a text messaging package.

Below are listed the new text messaging features, some of which the iPhone can already preform:


  • Sends an auto-reply when a text message is received. Convenient when on vacation or when unavailable.


  • Blocks incoming text messages from unwanted sources without the sender knowing.


  • Automatically sends a copy of a text message to an email address or another wireless number.


  • Allows automatic forwarding of text messages to another wireless number.

Distribution Lists

  • For sending messages to a maximum of 5 distribution lists that can contain up to 20 contacts each.

Personal Signature

  • A custom signature or message that will automatically appear in footer of text messages sent (number of characters count towards the total 160 characters maximum length).

Additional Details:

    Charges will vary based on:

    • Customer’s account (add-on, included in plan or Value Pack, pay-per-use, etc.)
    • How many people receive the message (1 recipient = 1 message sent)
    • Destination of message (U.S. and International rates may apply)
    • Location message is sent from (Roaming rates may apply)
    • Features are available for both postpaid and prepaid customers that use a phone that supports phone browsing (WAP)
    • Services are managed only by customers through My Account on their mobile

    Users can manage these new features via the Fido My Account app (coming soon) or online through your account.