Fido Reservation System Launches to Reserve “Long Awaited Phones” Such as the iPhone

Well, I guess you can say we saw this coming, as the Canadian wireless industry likes to move in synchronized moves. Earlier today Telus launched their smartphone reservation system, and Rogers texted many of you to remind you of theirs.

Now, the Fido Reservation System has launched, which is similar to the Rogers Reservation System. Essentially you can just reserve whatever smartphone is coming out and skip searching stores and avoid the line ups. The system makes it clear it was used previously to help customers get their hands on the iPhone 4S:

Fido Reservation System – This is a new way for Fido customers to a reserve select wireless phone and have it shipped to a participating store of your choice.

The Fido Reservation System lets you reserve our latest phones online. Forget having to check different stores to see if they have the phone you want in store, because Fido can have the phone you want waiting for you at the Fido store of your choice .

In the past we have seen many long awaited phones available on the Fido Reservation System for customers to reserve, such as the iPhone 4S. Therefore, if there’s a new phone you want make sure you check to see if it’s on the Fido Reservation System to get it into your hands easier.

Fido notes “Your reservation does not guarantee you will receive a phone as soon as it launches,” which seems weird doesn’t it? I mean, don’t you reserve a phone in hopes of getting one at launch?

The system also uses the same $40 deposit/cancellation policy like Rogers, and phones can be picked up in store or mailed to you “in approximately 4 days.” For those looking to use the system, your account must be in good standing. You can access the system via MyAccount, but as of now thing is available other than the HTC One S, which is useless to many of you.

Looks like everyone is starting to gear up for the iPhone 5, eh?

Thanks OshawaPilot and Kamal!

Update: Fido has also sent out text messages to customers reminding them of the reservation system, too (via @einsteinbqat):