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Fido’s $57 Unlimited Plan Promos Return: 1GB Extra Data and $1 Off [Update]

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A couple days ago the added extras to Fido’s $57 unlimited plan expired–the 1GB of extra data and $1 off. Some of you procrastinators missed out but you’re in luck because this morning Fido brought them back, as their website reflects the change:

Screen Shot 2013 01 03 at 9 08 08 AM

The reason for the return of these promos? Probably because rivals Koodo and Virgin Mobile still have the same ongoing promos, so it didn’t make sense to remove them prematurely to be the odd person out. If you missed this, now is the time to jump on it once again before they really disappear.

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Thanks james bond

Update: A tipster informed us this plan expires on January 10th.

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