MTS Launches ‘My Trade-In’ Program for Used or Damaged Phones

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MTS in Manitoba has launched My Trade-In, a new program to allow customers to trade in used or damaged cellphones for credit towards new devices. 

“The MTS My Trade-In program means old handsets – even those that have been put through the wringer – don’t have to be left sitting in a drawer when it’s time to upgrade,” said Paul Norris, MTS Vice President, Brand & Consumer Marketing. “My Trade-In gives these devices new life and keeps them out of landfills.”

MTS has partnered with Phobio to facilitate its trade-in program. Here’s how it works:

1. Prepare your current phone for the trade-in.

  • Remove any memory, media, or SIM cards.
  • Back up any contacts, apps, pictures, and videos that you want to keep before you trade in. Make sure your battery is charged so we can evaluate your phone.
  • Remove any passwords to log into your phone.
  • Protect your privacy – remove any personal information and reset your device to its original factory settings (do this step last as you will lose all contacts, apps, pictures and other downloaded content!). MTS will also wipe your phone clear.
  • Visit if you are trading in an Apple device for steps on what to do before trading in your phone.

2. Visit your nearest MTS Connect store to trade in your device!

  • Visit our Store Locator page to find your nearest MTS Connect store.

A quick search reveals the original iPhone in 16GB or iPhone 3G will get you up to $4.29 in credit while a 64GB iPhone 5S can get up to $188.78 or $261.71 for a Verizon model.

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For iPhone users, MTS points you to this Apple support document on how to properly erase your phone and disable Activation Lock.

Of course, like any trade-in program, you’re not going to get as much value versus selling the phone privately on Craigslist, eBay, etc. But these programs are geared towards those who can’t be bothered to sell their old iPhones and money clearly is not an issue.

Let us know if you’re going to use the MTS trade-in program. Credit can be used towards a new phone or accessories on the same day of your trade-in.