NS and PEI Start Ten-Digit Dialling August 23

Concerned regions 902 section

Starting August 23, 2014, those living in or traveling to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will have to dial a 10-digit number to place a local call, the Telecommunications Alliance announced today.

“10-digit local dialing is new to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and impacts all residents and businesses. It is important that consumers and businesses start reprogramming their communications equipment prior to August 23, 2014 in order to avoid any inconveniences that may be caused by the changes. The goal of our communications efforts is to ensure that everyone is prepared ahead of time,” stated Glen Brown, spokesperson for the Canadian Numbering Administrator.

Also, starting November 2014, a new 782 area code will be introduced and co-exist with the current 902 area code in the provinces. Customers with phone numbers that include the 902 area code will retain their numbers, while those with the new 782 area code will only be assigned when the existing inventory of 902 numbers is depleted.