Petro-Canada Mobility Promo: $20/month Plan with 200 Minutes, Unlimited Texts

Petro-Canada offers a mobility service that runs on the Rogers wireless network, and their latest promo is their Talk-A-Lot Plan, which offers unlimited Canada-wide texting, 200 Canada-wide minutes, no contract and national coverage for $20 per month.

You also get voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, no activation or sign-up fees, no credit check, no zone restrictions, but there is a mandatory $1.25 per month 911 fee.

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There is another alternative though that offers more, and that’s the Sears Connect $25/month plan, which offers 150 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited Canada and International texts, unlimited 6PM Canada-wide calling, and the usual extras. If you bring your own phone, it’s 10% off, taking it down to $22.50 per month. Sears Connect runs on the Rogers network as well.

While these plans may not be suited for someone who needs data, other members of your family who don’t use their cellphones often may benefit from this $20 per month plan. If you don’t want your kids using data, this may be the way to go.

[via RFD]