Retired SaskTel Workers Worried about Regional Carrier’s Sell-Off

Although there are no firm signs of SaskTel being sold, the premier’s comment that he would consider selling the Crown company if a good offer came in has prompted the New Democrats to join retired SaskTel workers in accepting a petition on behalf of thousands of Saskatchewan people who are uniting against the Sask. Party’s plans to sell-off SaskTel, the press release from the NDP reads.


“SaskTel not only ensures better services and lower rates; it also has a long history of creating good jobs for Saskatchewan workers. There are so many reasons that it’s irresponsible for the Sask. Party to try selling off such a valuable Crown – not the least of which is that it will put more jobs and pensions at risk and many more Saskatchewan families in a difficult reality”, NDP Critic for SaskTel Warren McCall said.

The minister in charge of SaskTel, Dustin Duncan, told CBC News and other reporters that “any talk of the future ownership of SaskTel is really speculation at this point; it’s a hypothetical”, adding that there are no offers on the table and that the government is not actively seeking offers either.

As for the change of ownership – if it happens – Duncan said the issues of pensions would be addressed in advance.