Roam Mobility Kicks Off New Referral Program with iPhone 5 Contest

Roam Mobility has announced it has launched a referral program for its customers. By referring friends and family, both parties will receive 1 free day of Talk+Text credits towards their next trip to the USA.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Refer your friends
As an existing Roam customer, you’re automatically enrolled in our referral program. Simply log into your account and email invitations to your friends. You can also post invites to Facebook and Twitter.

Step 2. They sign up
Once your friends sign up and join the thousands of Roamers across Canada, you’ll both automatically earn a free day of Talk+Text* that you can put towards your next USA trip. Our website also lets you can track who’s signed up and joined the Roamers club!

Step 3. Get free days
The next time you top up, your hard-earned referral discount will automatically be applied to your account.

To kick off the new referral program, Roam Mobility is giving away a 16GB unlocked iPhone 5 plus a Roam SIM Card. The top 5 Roam customers with the most new referrals will be entered into a draw. The contest period ends on April 5th.

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Roam Mobility customers roam off the T-Mobile network in the USA, but allows setup of plans in Canada prior to your trip departure. Engadget notes today the T-Mobile network continues to evolve and improve in the USA, as HSPA+ speeds are now available for unlocked iPhone owners in various cities:

Already, T-Mobile’s begun to refarm its 1900MHz spectrum, surprising and delighting iPhone owners on the network with sudden access to 4G (HSPA+) speeds — this, the result of freed up 2G spectrum. Additionally, a $4 billion modernization program is already underway aimed at updating (not increasing) the network’s existing cell sites and enhancing HSPA+ signal strength with better antennas and hardware.

Are you using Roam Mobility? How do you like it so far?