Roam Mobility Launches SIM Card and Hardware Sales at NCIX

If you’re looking for another place to purchase your Roam Mobility SIM card for your unlocked iPhone (or any other smartphone) or iPad, you can now buy them at NCIX retail locations and online.

“NCIX is Canada’s biggest technology e-retailer, with a solid reputation for cutting edge consumer technology and great customer service,” say Emir Aboulhosn, CEO of Roam Mobility. “We’re excited to add NCIX to the growing list of top North American retailers carrying Roam Mobility products.”

Also available at NCIX stores and online are unlocked phones such as the Roam Mobility Breeze, a $49.95 device with a QWERTY keyboard, affordable enough to use as your standalone USA phone when you’re traveling down south.

SIM cards from Roam Mobility cost $19.95 and can be recharged and re-used, with standard, micro and nano SIM formats available which means support for Apple users and their iPhones and iPads.

Using Roam Mobility while you’re traveling in the USA is just one cheaper option available instead of expensive voice and data roaming with Canadian carriers. Coverage is relatively decent but depends on where you will be going. You can check our review of Roam Mobility here and also our review of their Liberty Hotspot here.

Last month, the Vancouver-based company announced sales of its SIM cards and products would be available at Simply Computing stores nationwide.

Click here to learn more about plans from Roam Mobility start worrying less about racking up voice and data overages on your future trips to the USA.